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We say "no more courses" because the archaic concept of the "course" does not serve us any more. 

There are powerful and impactful alternatives out there, and we bring these to the workplaces of the future.

Microlearning campaigns for
behaviour change and corporate culture.

At Habiiit we leverage the latest research in instructional science, neuro-science, social media science, artificial intelligence, and cutting-edge technology to create impactful microlearning campaigns.

Our content campaigns target attitudes, awareness, care and understanding

Teaching EXCELLENCE as a mindset and habit.

The Excellence Challenge is a 6-week challenge to experience how the world reacts differently to excellence. 

The challenge is offered as public events, as well as corporate, in-house experiences to establish a culture of excellence.

The company also offers consulting and coaching on excellence and personal branding.

Learning culture transformation consulting.

At NoMoreCourses Consulting we transform corporate learning and development, from a transactional training strategy to one that prioritises self-directed learning.

We are committed to creating environments where team members take charge of their own learning and development and contribute to global competitiveness.


Our mission at NoMoreCourses is to revolutionize the training industry by creating learning cultures based on individuals taking ownership of their own development.


We believe that through the appropriate use of technology, traditional "courses" and their shortcoming are obsolete. We help organisations implement strategies to make learning always accessible, flexible, personalized and inspiring.


We are leading a revolution in innovative and empowering learning cultures.



Willie Maritz is an accomplished entrepreneur in the Human Resource Development field, with over 20 years of experience in online learning. His passion lies in leveraging technology to create impactful learning experiences and empowering learning cultures.


As a visionary leader, Willie set himself the challenge of solving the biggest problem facing the training and development industry - having a sustainable impact on behaviours and culture.

Willie is also a personal mastery coach, keynote speaker, entrepreneurial coach and angel investor.

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