We Can Change Your Customer Service Habits in

Diversity and Inclusion


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We Can Change Your Diversity and Inclusion Habits in 9 minutes a week

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Connect with one of our Change Makers to demonstrate how NoMoreCourses will work for your Diversity and Inclusion practices.

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Customer Service Learning Campaigns

Customer Service and Care, the process of continually building emotional connections with your customers (Best Customer Service Training), and ensuring great one-to-one customer interactions is critical to your business, but how do you ensure this? You know you need to change behaviour. The Customer Service Courses have provided the skills and knowledge however implementation and awareness is still not there. That’s why we don’t do courses.

Behaviour change in few minutes a week might seem like a BIG CLAIM but realistically it is not.

With proven results, we stand behind our methodology, because it works.

Courses do not change behaviours and attitudes.
Our Learning Campaigns do!

Drilling down on the indicator behaviours most important to you, NoMoreCourses rolls out a learning campaign to raise your employees’ awareness, get their broader understanding and get them to care more about Customer Centricity in the workplace.

NoMoreCourses helps keep your staff polite, communicative and helps you to retain and grow your customer base. 

Our Results Speak


We do not just WISH for results. We track and report the impact on observable behaviour change!


DryDocks Case Study

Cyber Security and Digital Wellbeing

“We have partnered with NoMoreCourses to get some behaviour concepts embedded with some of our taskforce and we had 98% participation rate who confirmed that their awareness and commitment to safety has increased after going through the journey. It was great to work with the team at NoMoreCourses and we are looking forward for future collaboration in other projects” 

Two Steps Forward, and Another Step Forward...

Implementing sustained behaviour change in Employees’ Customer Care

  • Together we target THREE indicator behaviours
  • We agree how we will push content to your target audience (our technology or yours?)
  • We send out short learning nuggets like videos and infographics
  • We design a survey to track observable behaviours.
  • We regularly track and monitor participation and comments
  • Intermittently we repeat the same survey, to track the behaviour change over time
  • We report progress to you, the employer and together we celebrate the success!

Our campaigns show success with a head-turning 93% completion rate,
increased desired behaviours by 8% and decreased undesired behaviours by 32%

Influence Behaviour Ethically and Positively,
or have the same frustrating results

Business Ethics Guarantee

We want you to feel Totally Confident in NoMoreCourses


We guarantee sure-fire results in our Customer Service and Care behaviour change projects. Should we not show a shift in the agreed indicator behaviours within three months, we will pay your money back

Willie Maritz
CEO – NoMoreCourses

You have nothing to lose

Save the day

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