What Occupational Health and Safety courses don’t do

No matter how much money is spent on what occupational health and safety course teach you, workplace accidents keep being repeated, year after year.

And no, it’s not because your employees lack the ability to learn.  Research has long shown that people retain less than half of the information presented in training courses within one hour and more than 70 percent of what was taught in training in one day.  That goes down to 25% in a week.

So, if 75% of what occupational health and safety courses has taught you has been forgotten within a week, something is going wrong. 

When you don’t see the return on investment from health and safety training, there is a good reason for it.  

What Occupational Health and safety
What occupational health and safety courses don’t teach

What Occupational heath and safety courses miss

The disconnect between what has been taught and what is implemented is the reason why you’re not getting the conscientious attitude you want from your staff.  

While a course can teach skills and knowledge, the real challenge is motivating employees to make the necessary behaviour changes that will show they have learned what has been taught.  

No amount of complaining will change workplace accidents

In how many cases have you repeated instructions to employees only to have them repeat the same mistakes again?   

Rather, learning happens through a gradual process in which a person is constantly exposed to what he or she assimilates.  

From awareness, we learn to care.

How to develop company-wide care about health and safety in the workplace

The secret to developing care about what occupational health and safety is, is to always bring employees back to the need for doing things in a particular way.  

For instance, if a crane’s rig is loaded incorrectly, the crane may tip, resulting in injuries or fatalities. If the potentially disastrous effect of this could be demonstrated, then people would understand the importance of following the procedure when loading rigs.  

Through tried and proven behaviours change campaigns, you will raise employee awareness, broaden understanding, and encourage more concern for their safety at work.  

People can be constantly reminded of the need to be on a learning journey by combining Social Learning and technology. This can result in fewer workplace accidents. It’s more important for them to consider health and safety during their workday. The idea is to elicit common sense regarding the health and safety training already ingrained within the individual and bring it to the forefront of his or her workday. 

To create sustainable behaviour change, employees must have access to information on a daily basis, in a way that makes them think and interact with their social circles; only then will real changes take place. Behavioural change campaigns have the power to change behaviour.

To find out more about what our occupational health and safety behavioural change learning campaigns are about click here

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